Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Foundation Review: Maybelline Fit Me - Dewy + Smooth vs. Matte + Poreless

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Today I wanted to test and show you all the difference between the two formula's of the Maybelline Fit me line of Foundation.  I am in the shade Coconut (355).  I believe that this is Maybelline's darkest shade within the Matte + Poreless line, which isn't that dark in my opinion.  The darkest shade in the Dewy + Smooth line is Mocha (360) which is a one shade darker than Coconut.  

Dew + Smooth: Normal to Dry Skin

Matte + Poreless: Normal to Oily

Swatches and Full Face

Top: Normal to Dry (Dewy + Smooth)

Bottom: Normal to Oily (Matte + Poreless)

As you can see the Matte + Poreless immediately blends into the skin with a matte finish.  The (top) normal to dry foundation some what sits on the top of skin with a shine. 

Normal to Dry 
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Normal to Oily
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As you can tell I am a little more shiny in the T-Zone in the Normal to Dry picture and in the Normal to Oily pic I am not.  

Therefore, I would definitely pick up another bottle of this Matte + Poreless during the warmer months. I would then pick up another bottle of the Dewy + Smooth formula during the winter months because my skin a lot drier in constant colder weather.  This Coconut shade really matches and blends into my skin really well. I really love it. 

You can purchase this both of the Normal to Dry and the Normal to Oily from Ulta, for $7.99.  

That is a great deal for foundation.  

Do you like this Foundation? Do you own it? Let me know what you think. Also, let me know what your favorite drug store foundation is. 

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