Friday, July 17, 2015

Diet vs. Exercise

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Greeting Beauties!

Here is my first lifestyle post, and I am excited about it. So, I have been struggling with eating clean the past month, where I did really well a couple weeks back. However, that period left me yearning for salt and sugar. I felt like a serious addict. 

Therefore, now I have resulted into exercising instead of eating clean. I am just not in the right mind frame for that right now :)  I am a member at the gym at my job, however, with the fiscal year end approaching I can't go to the gym during lunch probably until October.

So, I have decided to just focus on my abs, since that is my problem area (after having three children). 

I have been incorporating 5 to 10 min ab workouts into my free time at home, where I will do one ab workout when I first wake up and then one right before dinner.  

This has been really effective for me. So, I have some recommended video's that I have been turning to time and time again.  I have listed them below from easiest to hardest.  Number five at the end is a killer. 






This one is the hardest and it feels like it lasts forever, but it is really effective.  Let me know if you decide to try some of these. 

After doing a couple of these videos everyday, I have not had to hold my stomach in and I have pretty much been eating anything I want.  I know that this is just specific to me because my stomach is my problem area, however, you may have another problem area that you would like to attack.   

So, if you are like me and you don't want to watch what you eat and you don't have a lot of time for exercising, pick quick workouts on Youtube catered to your problem area. It doesn't have to be abs. 

Remember: This is only a recommendation for those that don't have time to exercise, and still want to eat what they want. Some people may not agree with this method and that is fine :) I like food. #imjustsaying :)

Thanks for Reading!!!