Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hot or Not: NYX Illuminator

Greeting Beauties!

When I first purchased the Nyx Illuminator for Face and Body - Ritualistiand tried it I was disappointed because I thought that it appeared ashy on my skin. But then I saw it just sitting there on my dresser alone and untouched and thought to give it another try and take some pics. 

I also was encouraged to give it another try because I just love the mirror inside of it. 

The mirror is huge compared to the MAC compact that I own. 

So when I tried it I applied it to the highest part of my cheek bone, along the brow bone, and along the bridge of my nose. 

But first I swatched it on my arm. 

Here is how it looks on me. 

Let me know what you think. Do you like it? After trying it again and taking pics, I really like it and will start putting it in my purse for the mirror and, since it is for the face and body I may start applying it all over. I also think that the price is good for the casing and the mirror it comes with. I believe it retails at bout $10.00. Would you buy it? 

Thanks for Reading!!!