Friday, May 8, 2015

Review: You Be-Natural Botanical Curl Shaper Custard

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So when I visited the "Beauty 4 U" beauty supply store (local beauty supply chain located in Prince Georges County, MD) the cashier gave me a sample of of the You Be-Natural Botanical Curl Shaper Custard.  This beauty supply store is huge and I am very happy to have one right down the street from me.  

After purchasing some hair products, the cashier noticed that my hair is natural so she gave me a sample. I thought that was nice because she didn't give anything to the person she rang up before me.

So, I got excited and thought "why not review this product on my blog?". No spending necessary :) I felt like this was a gift from God because I wanted to go-in on the make up section at Beauty 4 U. There were so many lashes, lipsticks, lip glosses and foundations, that I am dying to try.  In due time, I definitely will.  

I was initially intrigued about this product since on the back of the sample packaging explains that it is especially for twist outs.  You don't see a lot of natural products described this way. 
This made me even more anxious to try it. 

Based on the front of the packaging the main ingredients within this curl shaper are olive oil, Aloe Vera, safflower seed oil, and African Extracts (not sure what African Extracts are).  The label also states that this product is especially for tightly coiled textures and it is made in order to stretch and lengthen tight coils and reduce frizz. 

Now to the fun part. Lets see what my hair looked like before. A dry mess. 

Here is what it looked like after moisturizing my hair with water, aloe vera juice, and vegetable glycerin, along with the Lustre: You Be-Natural Botanical Curl Shaper Custard.

Here is how it looked the next morning before fully separating and fluffing my hair out. 

This was after fluffing it out a little more. 

And this was after I went to the gym. 


Overall, I would rate this product and give it a 4 out of 5.  It definitely did define my twits out, however, by the end of the day my hair got really big. It could have been because I went to the gym however, when I use only water and olive oil in my hair, my hair does not get as big.  I would definitely purchase this curl custard, because I actually do like my hair bigger sometimes and it made my hair really soft.  I also appreciate that the fragrance was not as strong as other curl custards I own.  

Let me know what you think. Also let me know if you have already tried this and your impression of it. 

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