Friday, February 20, 2015

MAC Holiday Pigments Review - Gold

To make a long story short I love these pigments. I purchased this pigment package for gold glitter in order to wear it on my lids for my wedding. Then I figured I would try out the others as well. 

As pictured above (from left to right) the shades are called English Gilt, Lithe, Pretty It Up, Gold (glitter), and Deep Brown. 

This pigment pack is called Object of Affection/Gold. ($32.00) and it is limited edition, so maybe it will come back out next holiday season (you never know).  

Please see the swatches below. In order to swatch these I sprayed the brush with NYX Dewy Setting Spray and dipped them into each pigment and just wiped them on the skin.  I do the same thing when applying these to my eyelids.  

Here are some pictures of me where I used English Gilt and Pretty It Up.  

English Gilt 

Pretty It Up

I will be sure to try the other pigments and let you know how they look. I will also eventually post of picture of my wedding makeup because that is when I wore the Gold glitter.  

Let me know what you think and if there are any other pigments (brands) that you like. You can find the comments box below :) 

Thanks for Reading!!!

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