Saturday, February 28, 2015

Twist Out Refresh

Hi Beautiful People!

I really wish that I could post everyday, however, my other life commitments make it pretty difficult to do so.  My job, children and husband :) Therefore, my goals is to do at least three post per week.  

With that said lets get into the topic of this post, which is the twist-out refresh.  After wash and day and twisting up your hair for a twist out, an aspect that used to confuse me was what to do in order to maintain the twist out. This method ultimately saves me time because I don't necessarily have to re-wash my hair, because I usually only like to wash my hair every two-weeks. 

What I have become accustom to doing is pineapple-ling my hair up into a high pony tail (like so):

while also applying moisturizer to the ends and scalp. This is what I call this the lazy way of maintaining a twist out because after using the pineapple method after a couple of nights you begin to see less definition in the twist out due to more frizzy-ness.  This then yields the purpose of the twist out refresh. Instead of re-washing your hair, all you have to do is moisturize your hair with anything you choose and re-twist your hair in about 9 to 12. I do a mini bantu knots at the ends of my twits since some of my ends do not naturally curl.  

Important: When I am re-twisting my hair, I take a small section spray a little water on it and then apply a small amount of the leave-in conditioner. The key is not to wet your hair to much where it will still me wet or damp in the morning. 

The moisturizer I have been using lately is the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Leave-In Conditioning Cream ($5.97). 


I was not disappointed after using this as a moisturizer for my twist out refresh.  

I actually really love it. It got the job done for only $5.97. Can't beat it. Here are the results.

There you have it. Let me know what you thing or if you have any questions. Leave them in the comments section below.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @beautyshowoff

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